Precision Laminating

PSA Composites, Adhesive Backing, Zone Laminations

Many of the parts we manufacture for our customers require the lamination of two or more materials. Most common is the addition of pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to another substrate, like sponge, foam, rubber, or plastic films.
We accomplish lamination process without entrapping air or contaminates between the two substrates. Foamtec is very experienced at laminating dissimilar materials for complex applications.


  • Adhesive Backing
  • Dissimilar Materials
  • Zone Laminations
  • PSA Composites

Rotary Die-cut

Rotary Progressive Die Cutting, Label Die Cutting,
Roll to Roll Die Cutting, Adhesive Die Cutting

Rotary die-cutting utilizes continuous rolls of material for high-speed converting and greater productivity.
We integrate die-cutting with other in-line processes such as island placement, laminating and to produce finished products or subassemblies.

We provide slitting, rewinding and die cut service for the tape/film we supply and are able to supply rolls as small as 1”, 1.5”, 2” & 3” cores with width as thin as 5mm.


  • Kiss Cut / full cut
  • Multiple laminations
  • Roll to roll die cutting
  • Adhesive die cutting
  • Controlled depth of cut
  • Up to 10″ wide
  • Multiple in-line die-cutting
  • Tolerances of ± .005″ (± 0.127mm)
  • Machine vision system to measure product