Flatbed Die-Cut

Tool type :- Steel Rule Dies, Compound Die-Cutting, Roll Feed Equipment, Shoe dies, Flexible Pinnacle dies.

Many of the materials cut by Foamtec are soft and flexible, Special care must be taken not to stretch or distort the material during the cutting process. We capable custom build and install our own roll feed equipment on the punch press to ensure adequate controls that ultimately enhance the quality of our customers’ parts


  • Kiss cut
  • Foam half cut & full cut
  • Controlled depth
  • Tolerances of ± .010″ (± 0.254mm)
  • Varity Die-cutting stations
  • Cut the part with pull tab
  • Available in loose piece or roll form

Precision Slitting

Lathe Slitting, Precision Slitting

We slits for optimal material utilization, precision accuracy, and repeatability for every type of soft materials and adhesives. We offer you the widest selection of materials for your application at the
lowest cost.


  • Lathe Slitting
  • Precision Slitting