Flatbed Die-Cut Process

Tool type

Steel Rule Dies, Compound Die-Cutting, Roll Feed Equipment, Shoe dies, Flexible Pinnacle dies.

Many of the materials cut by Foamtec are soft and flexible, Special care must be taken to prevent stretching and/or distorting the material during the cutting processes. We are capable to custom build and install our own roll feed equipment on the punch press which gives us the controls over variables that ultimately enhance the quality of our customers’ parts


  • Progressive-cut
  • Kiss-cut & full-cut method
  • Controlled depth
  • Tolerances of ± .010″ (± 0.254mm)
  • Variety Die-cutting stations
  • Available in loose piece or kiss-cut pack form

Rotary Die-Cut Process


Multi Layer Progressive Die-Cutting, Label Die-Cutting, Roll to Roll Die-Cutting and Adhesive Die-Cutting

Multi layer die-cutting utilizes continuous rolls of material for high-speed converting and greater productivity. We integrate die-cutting with other in-line processes such as island placement, laminating and to produce finished products or subassemblies.

We provide slitting, rewinding and die-cut service for the tape/film we supply and can supply rolls as small as 1”, 1.5”, 2” & 3” cores with width as thin as 5mm.


  • Kiss-Cut / full-cut
  • Multiple laminations
  • Roll to roll die-cutting
  • Adhesive die-cutting
  • Variable controlled depth die-cut
  • Up to 10″ wide die-cut
  • Multiple in-line die-cutting
  • Tolerances of ± .005″ (± 0.127mm)
  • Machine vision system to measure product