Precision Die Cut
We offer a variety of die cutting methods to convert materials into predefined shapes and sizes. Our high-speed precision die cutting equipment produces simple to complex shapes out of a variety of materials, allowing us to run small intricate components and to fill your larger bulk needs. Materials can be kiss cut, through cut, cut into individual pieces or provided as multiple parts cut to a liner. 

As a leading converter we can create die cuts out of a number of materials including:

  • Tapes
  • Gaskets/Seals/pads /Cushions
  • Labels
  • Insulators

 Assembly Solution
Foamtec is an expert in process improvement. Our flexible in-house assembly department customizes itself to your project's requirements. We are constantly looking for opportunities to add value to our customers' products or processes. 

Material Range:

  • Product Assembly
  • Foam hot weld assembly
  • Product Sub-Assembly
  • Adhesive-Backing Application